planet X

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good people online have done a lot of research

good luck and stay safe
a poem written in 2012
may help explain the forces applied to
ceres and other solar system smaller
planetary objects (spo)

keeping in mind the photon belt hypotheses started as
a high school science prank
have a look at our solar systems positioning in the galaxy
and the abundance of gravitational influences and energies

the photon belt
gc 2012 drgc 2012
-compare the 2 images above our solar system is 4 earth years
to the right of the last sun position in the image.
Where would Nibiru be?

did Sirius B ignite doubling the luminosity of Sirius
then dull to below eye visibility after moving away from Sirius A
normally part of Sirius spiral orbit but good timing for the magi
wayfarer/proposed name for planet 9
visualize navigation ahead by remembering
what’s behind

==the sun takes 230 million light years to orbit the universe
fossil evidence suggest most life on earth is mysteriously
wiped out every 26 – 27 million earth years, that makes us
a relatively new species.
sun,s orbit

planet 9

earth near the orbit of planet 9

the crux
sedna and other spo are real
the orange orbit is the suggested position
of p9


pdf download 225 mb is px biblical timeline
planetx pdf


nib iru

2015 asteroid wormwoodstar nasa2015 asteroid
wormwoodstar nasa



—nebiru=Jupiter page 8 enuma-elish above



–>White Dwarf

planet of the crossing

“But unto you that fear my name shall the sun of righteousness arise
With healing in his wings and ye shall go forth and grow as calves
of the stall”

proofs of cataclysm
george mitrovic author


10,000 BC. Arizona.

10,000 BC. Arizona. Coconino County. Winslow, near Flagstaff.

Barringer Crater. 111.01w, 35.02n.111w35n.

To the Southeast of Painted Desert in Arizona is the Great Meteor Crater or Winslow Meteor Crater, also called the Barringer meteor crater. Next to it is the amazing Petrified Forest. Approximately 20,000 to 12,000 years ago, 18,000 BC to 10,000 BC, a meteor crashed here creating a huge crater. This was at the same time as the Odessa group of meteorite craters in Texas. The rain of meteors in Arizona covered 550 square miles. The meteors struck out of the northern sky, weighing one million tons and traveling at several miles per second. The Barringer Meteor struck at an angle driving through solid rock while it was being decelerated to zero velocity and its fragments finally came to rest at the base of a cliff. Half a billion tons of rock were displaced.
(The crystal structure of the meteorite fragments indicates that it might be an Asteroid, the remains of an exploded Planet orbiting between Jupiter and Mars.)
From the ring to the pit bottom the depth is 570 feet. The diameter of the top of the rim is 4,000 feet. The circumference is three miles. The meteorite might have been an iron sphere 60 feet in diameter.

The meteorite made a hole 4,500 feet across and 600 feet deep. It flung out masses of rock weighing up to 7,000 tons and altogether hurled out 400 million tons of rock. The pressure of the impact exceeded one million pounds per square inch turning silica into new forms known as coesite and stishovite.

The Navajo have a legend that one of their sky Gods streaked down from Heaven as a flaming serpent one day long ago and blasted out the bowl of Flagstaff Meteor Crater as a token of his passing.

What then of the Barringer meteor shower in Arizona around this same time as well as the Odessa Meteor shower in Texas which was contemporary with it?

–(set’s collision with Osiris breaking him into 14 pieces
and Osiris not returning to view/possibly ceres in the asteroid belt)
–(reference to partial destruction of civilization)

–(good description of the use of the winged disc emblem)
the battle of horus in the form of the great winged disc

–(perhaps a reference to an eclipse)

the winged disc,horus hovers over the ark of the covenantark in a boatmat

unknown connection between the winged disc (horus) and the ark
of the covenant(Yahweh) the wings are raised for static
electricity to arc between them. in some images
the wings are lowered

–(reference from sunset to sunrise)

it’s interesting the old testament states wormwood hit the earth
genesis and exodus are the first 2 chapters in the following document

Holy Bible – Old & New Testaments (King James) (ebook)

venusian comet 1450 bc
1st flood

1st great flood or was it

flood link





sumerian annunakiSumerian annunakialien_tai_chi_md_whtnephilimnephilim


noachian flood

wars of marduk

parashara dates of comets and first flood
there is a possibility that nibiru being a moon of wormwood
collided with mercury causing damage to both and continued on
on the next pass through our solar system what was left of wormwood
collided with and became absorbed into Jupiter
wormwood’s moons and associated trail of spo captured by Jupiter
earth and other planets damaged by the collision
sedna may collide with spo in the asteroid belt between
Jupiter and mars at irregular intervals sending spo in the
direction of earth

thoughts on Planet 9
r p o
snippets are from ragnarok on comets, floods,
download link to large ebook ragnarok is at the
bottom of the page
or from the gutenberg project
the drift

==the drift1

the drift2

==drift 3



ragnarok link